How to Avoid Melting USB Ports Disaster Due to Overheating on PS5 Console

Everyone loves the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5). It’s packed with cool games and awesome visuals. The PS5 unlocks a world of unlimited joy for its players. 

But there’s something you need to know—a huge issue. Its USB ports might melt, which causes serious damage. That’s not only annoying, but also quite risky. We have made this guide to help you protect your console and increase its lifespan.

The Issue of Melting USB Ports Due to Overheating on Sony PlayStation 5 Consoles

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At the 2023 Evo game event, many PS5s were on for several hours. They began overheating and got super hot. Their USB ports even melted, causing a big surprise for players and viewers. 

The problem was quickly reported by Kotaku. This made PS5 owners quite worried about their consoles. They began to look for ways to avoid and prevent this problem and protect their consoles.

Use the Front USB Port of your PS5 Device

A smart move is using your console’s front USB ports. The PS5 has one USB-A and a USB-C port in the front. 

These are safer than the ones at the back. That’s because the ports at the back are near a heat vent, which becomes hot during long game times. So, using the front ports decreases the chance of melted USB wires and plugs, keeping you from troubles.

If you need to connect more controllers or gadgets, try using a USB hub or splitter. This useful method will let you connect your devices to the front port easily. 

Let Your Console Cool Down

Playing on your PS5 for hours? Cool it down. Especially with big, fancy games. Here’s how:

  1. Switch it off. Just turn off your PS5. Simple, isn’t it?
  2. Use rest mode. This special mode cools your PS5 slowly.

Allow a 15-minute break. This lets the heat escape. And your USB ports are safe!

Be Wary of Unlicensed Converters

Sometimes, you want to connect a PS4 controller to your PS5. You might use an unlicensed converter. But beware! These may not work well with your PS5. They make your USB ports unsafe.

Do you remember Evo 2023? Some USB ports melted there. Guess what caused it? Yes, unlicensed hardware. So, always use PS5 stuff. Better safe than sorry!

Is It Enough?

The problem with PS5 USB ports melting is worrying. For all of us gamers. We don’t want our games disturbed. We don’t want our cool PS5 damaged.

But, by following these tips, you can avoid this problem. Use the front USB ports. Let your console cool down. And, no unlicensed converters! The goal? Keep gaming fun and safe.

Got questions? Or thoughts to share? We would love to hear from you. Happy gaming, and stay safe, dear gamers!

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