How to Block Banned or Blocked Users from Watching your Streams on Twitch

The live streaming platform Twitch allows users from different parts of the world to stream themselves in real-time while playing their favorite video games. Twitch lets you connect with an engaged and active gaming community. You can also unlock some exciting achievements and chat with other viewers or streamers who share the same interests. 

But the only sad news is that Twitch is far from perfect, with some abusing the service, intimidating or harassing other users’ privacy. All of these can spoil the fun and excitement of what could have been an amazing platform. 

Blocking Banned Users from Seeing, Watching or Viewing your Twitch Streams

Blocking Banned Users from Seeing Watching or Viewing your Twitch Streams
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Through the years, the platform has been receiving tons of feedback from people who want something more from their channel bans. Many of them are interested to know how to block banned users from seeing and viewing your live stream videos on Twitch.

This made Twitch decide to add a new feature that works this way: once you ban someone and the person is watching your stream at the moment, there will be an interruption to the stream video playback. It will make them lose the ability to see, watch or view the stream right away. Once you go offline and stream again, the blocked user will be unable to watch your new streams unless you decide to unban them. 

The new viewing block will also be included in the block feature of Twitch. It means that blocked rather than banned users will be instantly excluded from watching the streams. The setting won’t be a toggleable one and instead, it will be a built-in feature of blocking a user. 

Limitations of Twitch’s Blocking Feature 


Sadly, just because you can block banned users from watching and finding your streams on Twitch doesn’t automatically mean that you can get rid of them from your world. Blocked or banned users can still watch clips or VODs. They will only be devoid of access to live broadcasts. But the Twitch team is working to add this functionality soon.

It’s something that they need to strive for. After all, the team is aware that this is one aspect where Twitch users expect the platform to do more and offer more. They also know that it feels like they are just cutting off a small part of the issue one at a time. 

It’s also important to note that this viewing block doesn’t block the IP of the banned user. It means that this stream ban on Twitch will work only when the blocked user is logged into his/her account. 

This just goes to say that a determined harasser can easily log out of their Twitch account to bypass the ban and continue watching a stream. The only difference is that they can’t join the chat because they will have to log in to do so. 

The Twitch team also added that IP bans often come with complications but they added that the platform’s ultimate goal is to strengthen its feature for banning users to make it more powerful soon. 

The Bottom Line

While there is still no definite information on how to block banned users from watching your streams on Twitch, the fact that the platform is working on it means that you can soon enjoy a safer and more secure streaming experience.

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