How to Factory (Hard/Soft) Reset your Asus ROG Ally Device

Have you noticed your Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming device slowing down or acting glitchy recently? A factory reset often helps resolve performance issues and gets the console running like new again. 

Below, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to hard reset or soft reset your ROG Ally to default factory settings!

Before You Reset

Resetting your ROG Ally erases all data and resets Windows 11 to factory condition. So before starting:

  • Back up any files you want to keep by copying them to external storage
  • Sign out of all accounts and services to avoid losing access
  • Make sure your device battery is at least 50% charged
  • Set aside enough time – factory resetting takes a while!

How to Restore ASUS ROG Ally Console to Default Factory Settings (Hard and Soft Reset)


Method 1: Hard Reset Using the BIOS

Hard resetting through the BIOS completely reinstalls Windows 11 fresh. Follow these steps:

  • Close any open apps and save your work
  • Hold Volume Down + press Power button to enter BIOS
  • When the BIOS menu loads, press Y to exit Easy Mode
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select ASUS Cloud Recovery
  • Connect to WiFi so ROG Ally can download Windows 11
  • Wait while Windows 11 downloads and configures
  • Follow the setup process to add your accounts back


  • Fresh Windows 11 install often fixes more issues
  • Don’t need backup; everything is erased


  • Takes longer to reinstall apps afterwards
  • You’ll lose all local files and customizations

Method 2: Soft Reset Using Windows Tools

If you want files and settings kept intact, soft reset through Windows is safer.

  • Open Windows Settings app
  • Tap System > Recovery in the sidebar
  • In Recovery options, select Reset this PC
  • On next screen tap Get started
  • Choose to Keep my files or remove them

Soft reset will reinstall Windows but preserve your personal files and user accounts.


  • Reinstalls Windows without deleting your data
  • Keeps personal files, settings, and apps


  • Doesn’t fix issues caused by user files/apps
  • Customizations like themes will be lost

Important Tips when Resetting Devices

To avoid issues, keep these reset tips in mind:

  • Charge device battery 50%+ before starting
  • Backup data if possible in case something goes wrong
  • Reset process can take over an hour to finish
  • Device will reboot several times during the reset process
  • You’ll need to redo some personalizations like re-adding accounts

Data You Could Lose If Not Backed Up:

  • Downloaded photos, videos, other media
  • Downloaded or synced documents
  • Game save data stored locally
  • Account passwords, cookies, cached data

So if you want it later, be sure to back it up externally!

After the Asus ROG Ally Reset

Once your device finishes the factory reset process:

  • Complete Windows 11 setup process
  • Reinstall apps from the Microsoft Store
  • Restore backed up files from external media
  • Customize Windows with your preferred settings
  • Log back into gaming platforms to sync save data

And that’s it – enjoy your Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming console performing like new again after the reset! Don’t hesitate to restore your device to default factory settings if you face performance problems down the road.

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