Fix Asus ROG Ally Gamepad Controller Input Buttons & Joystick Keys Not Working Issue

Imagine being in the middle of a thrilling game on your Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming device only for your joystick or buttons to stop working all of a sudden. Of course, this seemingly simple mishap can take away all the fun from what was meant to be an exciting game. 

Several users of the device have noted issues related to Asus ROG Ally mobile console joystick dead zones and controller keypad issues, while some even went to the extent of claiming that the problem will affect most if not all devices. The claim also states the chance that this is a widespread software problem connected to ArmouryCrateSE instead of a hardware concern. 

The good news is that this is somewhat of a relief. After all, it will be almost impossible to solve things if the joystick dead zones are related to widespread hardware issues on the Asus gaming device. On the other hand, an isolated software mishap has a higher chance of getting resolved in the future in the form of a new update.

How to Troubleshoot Control Issue and Fix Asus ROG Ally Gamepad Controller Input Buttons & Joystick Not Working


So before you throw your device out of frustration, you might want to try the following fixes first and see if one of them can solve the issue for you. 

Switch to Using the Embedded Controller

The option for using the Embedded Controller responds to the gamepad controller of your Asus ROG Ally. You can follow the steps below to enable it and allow the controller of your console to work smoothly without any hiccups. 

  1. Go to the Command Center on your Asus ROG Ally.
  2. Enable the option Embedded Controller by clicking on it. 
  3. Close the window for the Command Center. 

If you’re having a hard time looking for the option for an Embedded Controller, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Proceed to the Settings menu on the Armoury Crate. 
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon below the ‘Edit Command Center.’ This will add the option for an Embedded Controller in the panel. 

Make sure that the option for Embedded Controller is disabled the next time you plan to connect your Asus ROG Ally to an external controller. 

Update Your Asus ROG Ally 

Updating your Asus ROG Ally may work like magic in addressing issues with your gamepad controller input buttons and joystick. Here are the steps to follow to update your device.

  1. Use the trigger buttons to launch the Content tab on your Asus ROG Ally. 
  2. Choose Update Center and click Check for Updates. 
  3. Select Update All to start installing the latest drivers and firmware. 
  4. Launch Windows Mode on your device.
  5. You can now proceed to the Start Menu and then type Updates. 
  6. Select Check for Updates. Give Windows some time to check for available updates and wait for them to install to check if it will fix the problem. 
  7. Click Download and Install to begin the Windows update. 

Updating the operating and firmware systems of your Asus ROG Ally will ensure that the software is compatible with the newest version. 

The Bottom Line

A malfunctioning joystick or input buttons is like a total nightmare for any gamer. While waiting for the company to roll out permanent solutions for the problem, you might want to try the methods above to see if they can help you get rid of the problem.

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