How to Fix Barclays Mobile Banking App Error Code Ba040, RG21M or 1175

Anything related to your bank isn’t something you can just leave to fate. It means you need to pick the best and safest bank you can trust. Barclays is one of the globally renowned banks that never fail their clients in terms of features and security. 

However, while Barclays Bank rarely disappoints, several users have been airing their concerns and complaints about the error codes that pop up every time they use the mobile banking app on an Android phone or iPhone. 


Several users have reported encountering Barclays mobile banking app error codes Ba040, RG21M, and 1175 every time they try to access their credit card or bank accounts. Of course, if you’re facing the same issue, it’s understandable if you feel frustrated, annoyed, or downright stressed out.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Barclays Mobile Banking App Error Code Ba040, RG21M or 1175

Well, worry no more because this article will give you a few troubleshooting methods to help you fix the problem in no time. 

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Check for App Updates 

Apps need regular updates, and if your Barclays mobile banking app hasn’t been updated to the latest version, you can almost expect that glitches and bugs will show up. These may include error codes that might prevent or hinder you from logging into the app and your Barclays account. 

So far, if this is the case, the best thing you can do is to update your Barclays mobile banking app. Also, to ensure that the app will always be updated automatically, just go to the Settings menu and turn on the option for automatic updates. 

Wait It Out 

No one wants to wait nor does everyone have the patience to do so. While many of you won’t probably find it pleasant or helpful, if something is wrong with the Barclays servers that will be resolved after some time on its own, the only choice left for you is to wait it out. Yes, waiting might seem like forever if you really need to access your bank account but at this point, it’s your only option so far. 

Get in Touch with Barclays and Seek Help

Error codes ba040, RG21M, and 1175 in your Barclays mobile banking app are an inconvenience that is often best solved if you raise the issue directly to the Barclays help center. This is best done by sending them a direct message via Twitter. If your DM doesn’t get noticed, you can also tweet about the issue and mention the official page of Barclays. 

But if your complaints via Twitter still don’t work out, another option is to get in touch directly with Barclays customer care. You can go to the official Contact Us page of Barclays for their online banking feature and check the FAQ section. 

If the answer to your question isn’t there, you can try sending a message using your iPad or iPhone via the Apple business chat that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

Wrapping It Up

Barclays mobile banking app error codes Ba040, RG21M, and 1175 are all an annoying inconvenience if you need access to your bank account. Try to follow the methods above and see if one of them works and solves your problem.

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