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How to Fix Brawl Stars Showdown Bug, Wins Are Not Counting for Starr Drops

Brawl Stars, the mobile multiplayer game developed by Supercell, has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide with its exciting gameplay and competitive nature. One of the most beloved game modes in Brawl Stars is Showdown, where players battle it out in a last-man-standing format. However, recently, a frustrating bug has been plaguing Showdown matches, causing wins not to count toward earning Starr Drops. 

Keep reading as we delve into the issue, its impact on players, and the urgent need for a fix.

The Showdown Experience in Brawl Stars


The Showdown game mode in Brawl Stars offers a unique and exhilarating experience, pitting players against each other in an intense free-for-all battle. Each match consists of ten players fighting to be the last standing on an ever-shrinking map. Victory in Showdown brings the thrill of outsmarting opponents and rewards players with Starr Drops, which are essential for unlocking valuable rewards.

The Star Drop Bug

Unfortunately, players have recently encountered a disheartening bug that prevents wins in Showdown matches from being counted towards earning Starr Drops. This bug undermines the sense of accomplishment and progression players strive for, leaving them frustrated and demotivated. For many dedicated players, earning Starr Drops is a significant incentive for investing time and effort into the game.

Impact on the Player Base

The Showdown bug has had a significant impact on the Brawl Stars community. Players have taken to various online platforms, including social media and forums, to express their frustration and demand a fix for this long-standing issue. Many players have reported losing out on numerous Star Drops due to the technical glitch, which diminishes their overall progress in the game and hampers their ability to unlock new characters and upgrades.

The Need for Urgent Resolution


The presence of this bug not only hinders players’ progress but also negatively affects their motivation to continue playing the game. The Brawl Stars community, known for its passionate and dedicated player base, relies on regular updates and bug fixes to maintain their enthusiasm. Supercell, the developer of Brawl Stars, has been known to listen to player feedback and provide timely solutions. Addressing this bug promptly would resolve a pressing issue and reaffirm the company’s commitment to its player community.

The Player Community’s Voice

The Brawl Stars player community has voiced their concerns regarding the Showdown bug through various channels. Players have shared their experiences, provided bug reports, and discussed potential workarounds. This collective effort demonstrates the level of community engagement and highlights the urgency for Supercell to acknowledge and address the bug.

Developer Response

While the bug’s resolution ultimately lies in the hands of the developers, players need to remain patient and continue to provide feedback and support to the Brawl Stars team at Supercell. 

Developers often rely on the player community to identify and resolve bugs promptly, making it crucial for players to communicate effectively and constructively share their experiences. By doing so, players can help the developers narrow down the cause of the bug and expedite the process of finding a solution.

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