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How to Fix Clubhouse App Verification Code Not Working or Not Received

Clubhouse is a social media app that’s all about audio. To use it, you must prove who you are with a six-digit code. The code comes as an SMS to your phone number. Sometimes, the code fails to arrive or just doesn’t work. It could be due to issues with the network, your device, the app itself, or even the Clubhouse servers. This write-up will clue you in on why the problem happens and how to fix it when Clubhouse’s app verification code isn’t working or doesn’t reach you.

The Problem

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To access the app, you need the Clubhouse app verification code. It confirms your identity. However, sometimes this code, unfortunately, doesn’t get to the user, or it just won’t work. This leaves the person unable to access the app. And that can be really annoying for anyone excited to use the app and start chatting with others.

What Can Be Done? 

You’re probably wondering how to fix the issue if your Clubhouse verification code isn’t working or didn’t get to you. Here some steps you might find useful:

Checking Your Connection 

Start here: make sure your device has a strong, steady internet connection. You could try restarting your modem or router. Alternatively, swap over to a different network, or switch from a wireless to wired connection. 

There are online tools like or Ping Test where you can check your internet speed and ping. If your connection is slow or keeps dropping off, this can cause problems. For instance, you might not get the code or perhaps the code might expire before you get the chance to use it.

Is Your Number Right? 

The first step in troubleshooting the issue is confirming that the phone number you entered in the Clubhouse app was the right one. But it’s not just the number – ensure the correct country code was included, too. Entering an incorrect or incompatible phone number might be why you haven’t got your code. And if you do somehow receive a verification code, this sort of mistake could potentially stop it from working. You might consider sending a text message to your number using a different phone to see whether it’s active and can receive an SMS.

Have You Checked Your Messaging Settings? 

It’s important to ensure that your device can receive and correctly display text messages. Having a look at your message settings and permissions may help. 

This includes changes like turning off the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, adjusting spam filters, unblocking numbers, and tweaking notification settings. Furthermore, you could try clearing the messaging cache and data, deleting older messages or attempting the process using a different messaging app.

Consider Updating or Reinstalling Clubhouse App

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A bug in the program or a compatibility issue could be the cause behind the inability to receive or use the Clubhouse verification code. There’s a solution to such issues by updating or reinstalling the Clubhouse app. 

An updated version of the app is usually available either on Google Play Store or the App Store. To update the app, navigate to the store on your device, search for the Clubhouse, and click on ‘Update’ if an update is available. 

If reinstalling the app seems to be the better option, you can easily uninstall Clubhouse, then download and install it again from the same store app on your device.

Get in Touch with Clubhouse Help 

If all the above steps haven’t helped, chances are the issue is server-side, something that only the Clubhouse team can fix. You can report the issue and ask for assistance from Clubhouse by visiting their support page. 

From there, select “I’m having trouble signing up” > “I’m not receiving my verification code” > “Submit a request.” Clubhouse can also be reached on Twitter [@joinClubhouse] or their email address: [].

Hope this helps!

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