How to Fix COD Warzone 2 Gulag Players Get Killed Before Game Starts Glitch

How to Fix COD Warzone 2 Gulag Players Getting Killed Before Game Starts Glitch

COD: Warzone 2, a game known for its thrilling gameplay and unique features, is currently facing a glitch that’s causing frustration among players. One of the game’s features, the Gulag, offers eliminated players a chance to reenter the main game. However, a glitch has been causing players to be eliminated before the Gulag round even begins.

The Instant Kill Bug in COD Warzone 2


The ‘Instant Kill Bug’ is a major disruption in COD: Warzone 2. It causes players to be eliminated instantly, bypassing the usual ‘downed’ state. This is especially common after players have returned from the Gulag, leaving them without a chance to defend themselves.

The bug doesn’t just affect individual players, it also disrupts team dynamics. Teammates are left scrambling to redeploy their fallen comrades, adding an extra layer of challenge to the game.

The Impact of the Bug for Players

  • The bug disrupts the normal flow of the game, causing unexpected eliminations.
  • It affects team dynamics as teammates have to scramble to redeploy their fallen comrades.
  • The bug creates a frustrating experience for players who are denied a fair fight.
  • It can potentially affect match outcomes, especially in close games.
  • The bug may discourage players from engaging with the Gulag feature.

The Resurgence of the Glitch

The glitch is not a new occurrence in the game. It has caused disruptions in the past and seems to have resurfaced with the latest Season 4 Reloaded update.

The resurgence of this glitch has led to increased frustration among players. They find themselves once again at the mercy of this unpredictable issue, feeling helpless as they navigate the game.

Other Related Gulag Issues

The Instant Kill Bug is just one of several issues players have encountered in the Gulag. One such problem is players getting stuck in the Gulag, unable to progress or exit, which has been a source of frustration.

Another issue is erroneous spawning. In these instances, players find themselves either outside or inside the Gulag when they shouldn’t be, adding to the confusion and unpredictability of the game.

Another significant issue is the reported damage exploit. This results in players enduring unusually high amounts of damage, which leads to swift eliminations. This issue further disrupts the gameplay, adding to the challenges players face.

Developer’s Response to the Glitch

Raven Software, the developers of Warzone 2, are not oblivious to this issue. They are actively working towards a solution and have acknowledged the problem on their Trello board.

While this doesn’t provide an immediate solution, it does offer some reassurance to players. It’s a clear indication that the developers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

Possible Solutions and Fixes for COD Warzone 2 Gulag Killing Players Before Game Started

As we anticipate an official fix from the developers, players can take certain steps to lessen the impact of the glitch. One approach is to stay alert to the possibility of the glitch and adjust gameplay strategies accordingly to account for potential instant kills.

Another important step is to report any instances of the glitch to the developers. Despite these measures, it’s crucial to remember that the definitive solution will likely come from a future update from the developers.

The Instant Kill Bug in COD Warzone 2’s Gulag is a significant issue affecting player experience. While it’s frustrating, it’s important to remember that the developers are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. In the meantime, stay alert, adjust your strategies, and keep an eye on Warzone 2’s Trello Board for updates.

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