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How to Fix Destiny 2 Bungie Server Error Code Onion, Chive or Scallion

Have you ever geared up for an intense Destiny 2 raid, only for cryptic error codes like Onion, Chive, or Scallion to dash your plans? 

These annoying errors can halt your adventures through the worlds of Destiny.

Using the right troubleshooting, you can squash these errors and get back to exploring the vast universe of Destiny 2. This guide breaks down the most common solutions for each error code, empowering you to overcome frustrating technical hurdles.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Destiny 2 Error Code: Onion 


The Onion error points to networking issues blocking you from Destiny 2 servers. Typically, this error means there is a problem with your internet connection preventing proper access

Follow these steps to unravel the Onion error:

  • Restart your network devices, like routers, modems, or Wi-Fi extenders. This refreshes the connection.
  • Connect your gaming platform directly to your router with an ethernet cable. Wi-Fi can be less reliable. 
  • Check for connectivity issues between your ISP and Destiny 2 servers. Contact your ISP if issues persist.
  • Open necessary ports on your router like 3097 TCP and UDP. Port forwarding allows Destiny 2 traffic.
  • Ensure your NAT type is set to Open or Moderate under your network settings. Strict NAT types block multiplayer connections.

With a clear network path, Destiny 2 access should be restored. No more Onion errors ruining your fireteam’s raid attempts!

Troubleshooting and Fixing Bungie Server Error Code Chive on Destiny 2


The Chive error indicates problems with your graphics drivers. Outdated or corrupt drivers cause conflicts launching Destiny 2.

Here is how you can resolve the Chive error:

  • Update your NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel graphics drivers from their official websites. Current drivers fix compatibility issues.
  • Run Steam’s or’s “Scan and Repair” function from your game library. This checks for corrupt local files. 
  • Adjust Chrome browser settings related to hardware acceleration as outlined in Bungie’s troubleshooting guide. Chrome can interfere with graphics.
  • Lower your in-game graphics settings, like switching to lower resolutions. This reduces strain on faulty drivers.
  • As a last resort, perform a clean reinstall of your graphics drivers using display driver uninstallers like DDU.

With updated, stable drivers, the Chive error should disappear. Time to get back in the game!

Ways to Resolve Server Connection Issues with Error Code Scallion on Destiny 2 Game 


Details around the Scallion error code remain limited. However, applying similar networking and graphics driver solutions can help resolve this error too.

Follow the tips from the Onion and Chive sections like:

  • Checking for conflicts between Destiny 2 and other network-based apps or services.
  • Updating your graphics card drivers and adjusting in-game graphics settings. 
  • Scanning and repairing your Destiny 2 file installation through Steam or

Though the exact cause of Scallion errors is unclear, methodically trying known fixes often does the trick.

With Destiny 2’s complex online architecture, some technical issues are inevitable. But you have the power to troubleshoot frustrating errors like Onion, Chive, and Scallion. Know that each error code provides a clue, guiding you to a specific network, software, or hardware fix. Stay persistent and vigilant in resolving these errors. The vast worlds of Destiny 2 await you!

Hope this helps you overcome those pesky error codes. Now get back out there, Guardian!

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