How to Fix EA App Error Code 0xa3e80004 or 0xa3ea0066 on Windows PC

Electronic Arts or EA produces some of the most exciting games that you can play these days. However, there are times when installing these games through the EA app on Windows 10 or 11 PC can turn your excitement into sheer frustration.


Some desktop computer players have reported seeing error codes 0xa3e80004 and 0xa3ea0066 when trying to download and install EA-published games. If you see any of these errors, here are some things you can do to get rid of them.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix EA App Error Code 0xa3e80004 or 0xa3ea0066 when Downloading Games on Windows PC


Verify Your Subscription Plan

Before anything else, make sure that you are subscribed to a plan for Xbox PC Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate so that you can have EA games downloaded and installed in your system. 

Use EA App to Install the Game 

Some users have reported that using the EA app to install the game was able to fix the problem. If you already installed the Xbox Game Pass app on your PC, just go to the EA page and download the EA App for Windows. You can also go to Microsoft Store and download the app from there. 

After you’re done downloading and installing the EA App, link your EA Account and Xbox account together. Once you’ve linked the two accounts, you can now install all the games you wish to play from there with no issues at all. 

Here are the steps for installing the game using EA App:

  1. Launch the Task Manager. End all origin-related services since the origin apps may conflict with the EA App. Close the EA desktop app running in the background but allow the EA background service to continue running. 
  2. Proceed to the Xbox Game Pass app and look for the game you like to download. 
  3. Click on the game and choose to download it from the Xbox app.
  4. Select the option for See in EA Desktop. 

Update EA App, Xbox App and Windows

See to it that your Windows system is updated to the latest version or build. It will eliminate any compatibility concerns with the device. It will also fix any potential security issues or bugs in the EA app or Xbox app. On the same note, you also have to ensure that both apps are updated to their newest versions as well. 

Restart Your PC

Make sure that you also give your PC the much-needed restart. Restarting your PC will help get rid of the minor glitches and bugs in your PC. Doing this will also refresh your operating system. 

Log Out and Log In on Your EA App or Xbox App

You can also try signing out and signing back into your EA app or Xbox app and check if it solves the problem. See to it that you’re also using the correct account with a subscription or the one you used to buy the Game Pass. 

The Bottom Line 

If your EA Games experience is constantly bombarded with error codes 0xa3e80004 and 0xa3ea0066, don’t waste any minute and try to resolve the problem right away. The simple fixes above may be able to help you eliminate these errors so that you can continue with seamless and smooth gameplay.

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