How to Fix EA App Login Error Code EC 10000, EC 10005 or EC10501

How to Fix EA App Login Error Code EC:10000, EC:10005 or EC:10501

After the long open beta, Electronic Arts officially introduced their latest store client gizmo to replace their much-criticized Origin with their EA games app, or simply EA. According to EA, the Windows desktop app is their lightest and fastest PC client so far.

With the latest streamlined design, it will be easier for you to find the content and games you’re searching for and discover new games. The automatic background updates and game downloads also ensure that you can play your games anytime you’re ready.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix EA Desktop App Error Code EC:10000, EC:10005 or EC:10501 when Signing In


Unfortunately, many users are disgruntled about the error codes that they encounter when trying to login and use the PC gaming app. These include error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, and EC:10501 upon signing in with their credentials. If you ever encounter any of these codes the next time you use the EA app, here are some solutions you can try.

These error codes are usually associated with one of these issues:

“Something went wrong. There’s a problem with your account. Error Code EC:10000”


“Something went wrong. EA Desktop encountered an unknown error. Try again a bit later. Error Code: EC:10005”


“An error of unresolvable nature has occurred. Due to the effects of a particularly stubborn issue, you will need to log in again. Error Code: EC:10501”


Verify Electronic Arts Server Status 

When error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, and EC:10501 pop up, there is always the possibility that there are server concerns on the part of EA itself. There are times when the errors are due to temporary glitches with EA serves that may affect the functionality of the app. 

You can check the official website of the EA app or all their social media handles to confirm if there are ongoing maintenance activities or server issues. 

Update your Windows System

Making sure that your operating system is updated to the latest version is one of the best and easiest ways to fix EA app error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, and EC:10501. To maintain the smooth performance of the EA app, you need to check for system updates and install them regularly.

The developers of operating systems release system updates that usually include security patches, bug fixes, and other improvements that address any underlying problems that might cause errors. System updates are meant to improve the overall compatibility and stability of your operating system. 

Check your Internet Connection for Issues

Once error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, or EC:10501 show up while you’re using the EA app, it wouldn’t hurt to check your internet connection. Needless to say, you’ll need a reliable and stable connection for the app to function properly. 

See to it that the network you’re connected to has sufficient stability and speed. If you’re connected to WiFi, make sure that you’re at a close distance to the router without any physical obstructions that may cause interference. 

Try to restart your router or modem if you suspect that your connection is unstable or weak. Turn it off, wait for several seconds, and power it back on. The process will refresh your network connection and help resolve temporary glitches. 

Clear Temporary and Cache Files

Try to clear temporary and cache files of your EA app if you ever encounter the error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, and EC:10501. Sometimes, accumulating temporary and cache files can cause conflicts and prevent the app from functioning properly. Clearing these accumulated files may help you get rid of the error codes on your EA app.

The next time you encounter error codes EC:10000, EC:10005, or EC:10501 while you’re using the EA app, try the solutions above to get rid of the issue.

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