How to Fix Disc Error Code 150-2031, 150-1031 or 157-1200 on Nintendo Wii U Console

The Wii U might not be Nintendo’s biggest success, but many dedicated fans continue using and loving it to date, partly because of nostalgia and partly because they appreciate the fact that it offers them the first-ever hybrid home handheld experience. 

Sadly, some users have been reporting seeing error codes 150-2031, 150-1031, and 157-1200 on their Nintendo Wii U console. If you’re experiencing the same issue, here are the three things you can do.


How to Troubleshoot Game Disc Issue and Fix Error Code 150-2031, 150-1031 or 157-1200 on Nintendo Wii U Console

This is the error message that might come your way if you experience one of the errors above:


“Error Code 150-2031, 150-1031 or 157-1200 – The disc could not be read. It might be dirty. Press the EJECT Button, remove the disc, and clean it gently, using a soft cloth to wipe outward from the center.”

Clean the Game Disc

If the error code only shows up every time you play a particular game, chances are the game disc is dirty or damaged. If this is the case, use isopropyl alcohol and a soft piece of cloth to clean the disc. 

  1. Remove the game disc from the console. 
  2. Sprinkle some isopropyl alcohol on the soft cloth to wet it.
  3. Clean the game disc in straight lines starting from the center and going to the outer edges. Avoid wiping the disc in circles to prevent irreparable disc damage. 
  4. Allow the disc to air dry for a minimum of 5 seconds after cleaning.
  5. Put back the game disc to the console to check if the error code is gone. 

Use the Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit 

If the error codes show up on all Wii U discs, there is also the possibility that you’re dealing with an issue with either a damaged or dirty disc reader. In this case, the best thing you can do to is to clean the lens with the Wii U Lens Cleaning Kit. Simply follow all the instructions indicated in the kit package. 

Before you use the kit, make sure that you are in a place where the console receives proper ventilation. You can get this cleaning kit from most online stores.

You can also try to manually clean the lens using a microfiber cloth after you take apart the optical drive. However, avoid doing this if you haven’t tried it before because you might end up causing more damage to the console. 

If the operation is not applicable or you’ve tried doing it before to no avail, try the third solution below. 

Switch Modes Manually 

Every time you insert Wii games into your Wii U, this is launched automatically in Wii mode. But if you’re seeing the error code, you might need to switch modes manually. Here are the steps you should follow to do so:

  1. Hover over the Wii Button on the lower left part of the screen with your Wii U Remote. 
  2. Click A to launch the Wii U Options Menu. 
  3. Set the mode to Wii mode in the options that show up. 
  4. Insert the Wii disk to check if the error code is gone. 

Don’t let the error code 150-2031, 150-1031, or 157-1200 on your Nintendo Wii U Console ruin your day. Try the steps above to free yourself from the frustration so you can go back to your favorite game right away!

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