How to Fix Google Play Payment Error Code OR_PMCR_30 or OR-CUSEH-02

Google Play payments are necessary for you to make the most out of using the service. Most of the time, these payments are fast and seamless so you can use the app right away. 

However, on rare occasions, Google Play users on Android phones encounter error codes that either prevent the payments from pushing through or decline them completely. Knowing how to fix Google Play Store payment error OR_PMCR_30 or OR-CUSEH-02 will save you from inconvenience and annoyance.

How to Troubleshoot Issue and Fix Payment Error Code OR_PMCR_30 or OR-CUSEH-02 on Google Play Store


Use an Updated Zip Code

Your payment might be declined if the credit card you’re using has been registered to another address. See to it that the zip code you use and your current address match each other. 

Use your Google account and sign in on your computer. Choose Payment Methods and look for the specific method of payment that you want to use for your purchase. 

Select Edit and verify if the listed zip code is similar to the zip code of your credit card’s billing address. Make sure that you update the zip code if needed. 

Once you’ve updated your zip code, try to make the purchase again. See to it that you also submit any additional details that might be asked of you. The transaction on your account won’t be processed without these details. 

Ensure You Have Enough Funds

This might sound like a no-brainer but yes, error codes such as OR_PMCR_30 or OR-CUSEH-02 may show up because you don’t have enough funds in your Google Pay account. You can’t expect to complete your purchase if your funds are insufficient.

Confirm Payment Details 


It’s also possible that the error codes show up because your payment profile is already deactivated. You can activate your profile once again by submitting your payment details. To do this, start by signing in to Google Play Store. Choose Alerts located at the top. 

Enter your payment details if you have a red alert and wait for the response from the team. Go to your email to read the results of the review. 

Update Card Information in Google Play Store

Old billing addresses and expired credit cards are some of the most common reasons why errors show up in Google Play. You can use Google Play to update this information. 

Sign in using your Google Account at using your computer. Look for the specific payment method you want to use for your purchase. Look for the expiration date of the listed payment methods. Update or remove any expired methods of payment. 

Pay with Another Payment Method

Return to the specific item you wish to buy by opening on your computer. Click the price and click on the Down arrow beside the payment method. You can add a new payment method or choose a different one. Complete the purchase by following the instructions on the screen. 

Wrapping It Up 

It’s very easy to fix Google Play Payment error OR_PMCR_30 or OR-CUSEH-02 as long as you know what to do and how to do it. Use the tips above so can continue with your Google Play use without any worries about payments.

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