How to Fix ‘Looks Like Another App is Blocking Access to Google Play’ Error on Android

Ever faced the ‘Looks like another app is blocking access to Google Play’ error message when trying to download an app or game to your phone? If you’re an Android lover, you might have. It pops up when an app on your mobile device clashes with Google Play Store app. But worry not!

We’ve got several ways to wave goodbye to this error. In this article, we’re going to dissect this problem – it’s possible causes, as well as solutions. Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Troubleshooting and Fixing ‘Looks Like Another App is Blocking Access to Google Play’ Error on Android Phone

The error message that will pop-up on your mobile device screen might say:

“Looks like another app is blocking access to Google Play. Turn off any apps that might be drawing over the screen and try again.”


Check the Appear on Top Permission

One source of this fuss may be the ‘Appear on Top’ permission. What does this do, you ask? Quite a neat trick, actually! It lets selected apps float above the others. Yet, it’s this show-off that might ruffle Google Play’s feathers, leading to the error we’ve been talking about. But don’t worry, there’s a cure. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Kick-off with the Settings on your Android device.
  2. Find Apps or Applications. Got it? Great. Step inside.
  3. Look for ‘Special access’ or ‘Advanced’. It’s a bit tricky, but you can do it.
  4. Tap on ‘Appear on top’ or ‘Display over other apps’. All set.
  5. Time to take action. Disable this permission for apps you think are suspicious or unneeded.

Uninstall Updates for Google Play

Stuck with the predicament of another app blocking Google Play? Here’s another path you could take – uninstalling updates for the Google Play Store. Why, you ask? Well, sometimes, even the best of us make mistakes. Google Play’s latest version might come with nasty bugs or compatibility hitches that unleash the error message. So, how about rewinding time? To switch back to the original model of Google Play, execute these easy, peasy steps:

  1. Set off towards the ‘Settings’ house on your Android planet.
  2. Wander into the ‘Apps’ or ‘Applications’ alley.
  3. Seek out the ‘Google Play Store’ hiding in the massive list of installed apps. Found it? Great!
  4. Don’t miss the three dots menu icon lounging in the top-right corner.
  5. Choose ‘Uninstall updates’ from the dropdown feast.

Voila! You’ve turned back time! Your device should now host the brand new (old?) factory version of Google Play. Now, try opening the store gates. With a little luck, the error message would be but a distant memory.

Restart Your Device

Another handy trick in your arsenal could be a simple device restart. Yep, you heard it right! An occasional nap could work wonders for your Android device. It scrubs your cache clean, shuts the background apps’ party, and revamps the entire system. And guess what? It’s as easy as a pie. Here goes:

  1. Play a steady game of press-and-hold with the power button on your Android device.
  2. Tap ‘Restart’ or ‘Reboot’ on the power menu pop-up.

As your device wakes up from its slumber, give Google Play a whirl. Hopefully, the error decided to take a nap too! These arrows in your quiver should help restore peace in your virtual Android kingdom, ensuring no app dares block Google Play. 

So, give it a go, and let us know how it turned out! Your feedback and questions are ever welcome in the comments below. Don’t be shy!

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