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How to Fix MLB The Show 21 Not Working on Xbox, PS4/PS5 or Online

Is MLB The Show 21 not loading or working properly on your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC? We feel you. Nothing’s more annoying than wanting to play your favorite baseball video game, only to run into technical issues such as network or server glitches

But don’t start rage-quitting yet! 

There are several troubleshooting steps you can try to get The Show up and running again. Keep reading and we’ll walk you through how to fix the most common MLB The Show 21 problems.

How to Troubleshoot Issue and Fix MLB The Show 21 Not Working, Network or Server Error on Xbox, PS4, PS5 or Online

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Double Check the Server Status

Before you do anything else, check the status of the MLB The Show servers for downtimes. Server outages are one of the most common reasons why the game suddenly stops working. With how popular The Show 21 is this year, the servers are often overloaded. This leads to connectivity problems and crashes.

To check the server status, visit the @MLBTheShow Twitter or Facebook pages. The developers post updates whenever they are aware of server issues. If the servers are down for maintenance or due to an outage, you’ll need to wait until they are back up to play. Keep checking social media to see the latest updates.

Restart Your Gaming Console

If the MLB The Show servers are up and running, try restarting your Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. This refreshes the cache and memory and reconnects network adapters. Restarting your device essentially gives The Show 21 app a fresh start, which can resolve many glitches. 

To restart your console, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the device turns off. Wait at least 30 seconds, then press the power button again to reboot the system. Load up The Show 21 and see if it’s working now.

Force Quit and Relaunch the App

Sometimes the MLB The Show 21 app itself crashes or freezes. If the servers are online but the game still isn’t loading, force quit out of the app entirely. 

On PlayStation, go to the home screen and highlight The Show 21 app. Press the Options button > Close Application. Xbox users can press the Xbox button to open the guide. Highlight The Show 21 and select Quit. 

After force quitting the game, wait a minute and then launch it again. This often is enough to knock it out of a frozen or glitched state.

Check Your Internet Connection

Even with the MLB The Show servers running properly, the game relies on having a stable internet connection during play. Lag, high ping, packet loss, and other network issues can interfere with the gameplay performance. 

Run a speed test on your console or PC to check for connection problems. Test both the download and upload speeds. If the speeds are low or you see high latency/packet loss, it could be causing trouble for The Show 21. 

Try resetting your modem and router to refresh the connection. Make sure your console is connected via Ethernet if possible for the most reliable signal.

Reinstall your Version of the MLB The Show 21 Game

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If you’ve tried everything else with no success, reinstalling MLB The Show 21 may be your last resort. This forces all game files and data to be replaced in case some have become corrupted.

First, make sure your saved progress is backed up to the cloud or external storage. Then, delete The Show 21 from your console/PC. Redownload the game from the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, Steam, etc. When installing, decline any optional data packs to save time. 

Once reinstalled, sync your saves and try loading up the game. A clean install often resolves stubborn crashing or launching issues.

Contact Customer Support

If all else fails and MLB The Show 21 still won’t work, you’ll need to reach out to the developer’s customer support team. They can investigate and troubleshoot further. 

To contact support:

Provide details on when the problems started, what you’ve tried already, and error messages if applicable. The support agents can advise on any other steps and escalate the issue if needed.

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