How to Fix Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813-0055, 2813-0998 or 2813-2470

Despite being the fastest-selling console to date of the Nintendo brand, the Nintendo Switch is not always sunshine and rainbows.

Even with its outstanding game lineup and a state of the art format, the console still causes some users to shake their heads in frustration and annoyance. One of the most common complaints of Nintendo Switch owners is how some error codes show up, such as 2813-0055, 2813-0998, or 2813-2470 when accessing the online store.


What are these error codes in the first place and how do you even fix them?

What is Error Code 2813-0055 on Nintendo Switch eShop and How to Fix It?

If you ever receive error code 2813-0055?, it often means that the download code is already experienced or the specific content you want to redeem your download code is not yet formally released to be bought on the Nintendo eShop online store. The error message might look like this:


“Error Code: 2813-0055 – The item corresponding to the code you entered is not currently available. Please check the release date. If the product is not yet released, please try again after that date.”

It’s important to remember that every software title might become accessible at varying times of the day during their release dates. You can check the page of the game on the eshop or online shop of the Nintendo Switch to determine if the downloadable content or game is already available for purchase. 

If it’s available for purchase, you can redeem your download code for that content, except if it is expired. You can redeem the prepared card for membership to the Nintendo Switch Online in the Nintendo eShop for the particular country where you bought it. 

If when this error code shows up, all you have to do is confirm that your download code is not yet expired so you can proceed with your gaming experience.  

What is Error Code 2813-0998 and How to Fix It on your Console?

Error code 2813-0998 typically means that the region or country set in your Nintendo Account doesn’t have an available Nintendo eShop at the moment. This error message will pop-up:


“Error Code: 2813-0998 – Nintendo eShop is not currently available in your country/region. Thank you for your interest in Nintendo eShop.”

Follow these steps to remove this error code:

  1. Go to, log into your Nintendo Account, and make sure that you set the correct country. 
  2. After you update the country setting to one where there is an available Nintendo eShop, switch off and turn on your console once again. 
  3. The Nintendo Switch eShop should already be accessible from the Home Menu after you turn your system back on. Just enter the login details of your Nintendo Account and you’re good to go. 
  4. Contact Nintendo Switch support if the error continues. 

What is Nintendo eShop Error Code 2813-2470 and How to Fix It?

Error code 2813-2470 occurs when you can’t use your credit card to buy from the Nintendo eShop store. This error message might appear on your device screen “Error Code: 2813-2470 – You cannot use this credit card. Please check with your credit card company for details.”


Here are some workarounds you can try to get rid of this error code. 

  • If you’re trying to use the saved credit card details, delete them first before you try to enter the information once again. 
  • If the error code occurs even if you’re not using the saved credit card details, check the information of the card to ensure that everything is entered correctly, such as name, security code, and billing address. 

Nintendo Switch error codes can be a bummer to your game so make sure you follow the tips above to get rid of them sooner than later.

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