How to Fix Nintendo Wii U Error Code 160-0105, 160-1400 or 157-1116

The gaming experience with the Nintendo Wii U console provides countless hours of entertainment. Nevertheless, you might encounter an obstacle that dampens the joy. You launch your console only to be greeted with error codes 160-0105, 160-1400, or 157-1116.

The numbers may seem cryptic, but each is pointing towards an issue that needs immediate fixing. This guide gives clear, step-by-step instructions to solve the issue.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Nintendo Wii U Device Error Code 160-0105, 160-1400 or 157-1116


These error messages might pop-up on your Nintendo Wii U device screen when the problems occur:

“There is a problem with the USB storage device. Please contact the manufacturer of the device. Check the device’s manual for contact information. Error Code: 160-1005”


“There is a problem with the disc drive. For help, make a note of the error code and visit Error Code: 160-1400”


“Could not start the software. This software’s region setting is not compatible with your region. Error Code: 157-1104”

Perform a System Update

The first step in every troubleshooting process typically involves keeping pace with the latest system updates. In the world of gaming consoles, updates can play a pivotal role in resolving software-related issues

Errors you face may come from software mistakes. Nintendo, like any other tech giant, regularly releases system updates that aim to resolve such bugs and improve the overall gaming experience. If your console is lagging behind these updates, it might be the reason for the ongoing errors. Make sure your Wii U console is updated with the latest software to wipe away any software-induced errors.

Remove Discs

The simplest causes can sometimes lead to complex problems. Bearing that philosophy in mind, your next step lies in examining the discs inserted in your Wii U console. The console’s disc drive, just like any other mechanical system, is susceptible to errors.

Such errors may trigger the error codes. Likewise, the discs themselves might carry issues contributing to the problem. Remove any inserted disc and evaluate if the error code persists. This action will help isolate whether your discs or disc drive is acting as the error’s culprit.

Check External Storage Device

error code 160-0105 tends to point towards the external storage device you might be using with your Wii U console. Check that your device matches Wii U’s compatibility requirements. Moreover, your external storage device needs to have an independent power supply. 

If an incompatible or defective device is attached, you are bound to encounter errors. Cross-verifying the compatibility and functionality of your external storage device helps prevent error code 160-0105.

Restarting your Nintendo Wii U Console

When a persistent error refuses to vacate your console, a restart might act as the much-needed breath of fresh air. Refresh your Wii U console by initiating a restart process. Redundancies and temporary issues often tend to get eradicated with this simple yet effective troubleshooting step. If the error codes have not receded after the primary troubleshooting steps, restarting your console can prove to be a strong contender in resolving the issue.

Contacting Nintendo Support Team

The error codes may persist despite your diligent troubleshooting efforts, pointing something more significant at play. Nintendo Support exists for such instances. If none of the above steps culminate into a solution, seek help directly from those who know your Wii U console best — Nintendo Support. Experienced in dealing with specific error codes and unique issues, Nintendo Support can provide troubleshooting steps tailor-made for your situation.

In the end, not all error codes are born equal, nor do they have a uniform cause. The troubleshooting steps may not always eliminate the issue.

If the console problems persist, it is highly recommended to consult official Nintendo support or acquire assistance from a professional technician to restore your seamless gaming experience. Keep faith and remember, the joy of resolving your console issues is second only to the thrill of winning in your favorite gaming world.

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