Fix Pokemon Go Cannot Switch in PokeStop Showcase After Contest Limit Error

You have caught a variety of Pokémon and are enjoying your time at a PokéStop Showcase, but suddenly you reach the contest limit and can no longer switch Pokemon. This article will provide detailed steps and alternative methods to help you bypass this current issue.

How to Troubleshoot & Fix Pokemon Go Cannot be Switched in PokeStop Showcase when Contest Limit is Reached Issue


Wait or Install for the Update

The next update (0.277.0) promised by Niantic is going to solve this issue. This update should be available by July 12, 2023. A little patience is all you need to get the update, install it, and resume your Pokemon-swapping adventures. Be ready and look for the new update to download it the moment it arrives.

The Pokemon GO 0.277.0 update brings the following changes and improvements:

  • Quality-of-life updates: The update includes various quality-of-life improvements to enhance the overall gameplay experience.
  • Minor bug fixes: The update addresses several minor bugs that have been reported by players.
  • Performance improvements: The update aims to improve the performance of the game, making it run smoother and more efficiently.

To download the Pokemon GO 0.277.0 update, you can visit the official game site. The update is available for both Android phones and iOS mobile devices.

Contact Niantic Customer Support


If, after the update, you still encounter the issue of not being able to switch Pokémon in a PokéStop Showcase after reaching the limit, don’t worry! Reach out to Niantic Support and explain your specific issue. They will offer unique troubleshooting steps tailored to your problem, enhancing your gaming experience quickly and efficiently.

Switch Pokemon via PokéStop Location

In case you absolutely need to switch Pokemon right away, try visiting the physical location of the PokéStop where the issue is occurring. Once there, you should be able to swap Pokémon from inside the game. This workaround allows you to actively continue your Pokémon journey without waiting for an update or seeking support from Niantic.

Switch Pokemon via Today Tab

Another potential solutiuon is switching your Pokemon from the “Pokémon in Showcases” section within the “Today” tab. This may help you bypass the issue without having to wait for an update or contact support, ensuring that your Pokemon adventures go on uninterrupted.

Although the issue of not being able to switch Pokemon in a PokéStop Showcase after reaching the limit is a known bug, don’t despair! 

By employing the methods outlined above, you’ll have a broad range of alternatives to help you overcome this inconvenience. Whether it’s waiting for an update, reaching out to Niantic Support, switching Pokémon using PokéStop locations, or leveraging the Today tab, you’ll have plenty of options to ensure your Pokémon journey remains as thrilling as ever.

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