How to Fix Pokemon Sleep App Error Code 010100, 026001 or 001001

Pokemon has long been a hot name in the world of games. With their 2023 release of Pokemon Sleep, Niantic fans can’t help but get hyped for yet another exciting gaming experience, on top of the uber popular Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, before you get all too excited, here’s the catch: players often encounter some glitches, including the error codes 010100, 026001, and 001001. These glitches come with a single error message that says:

“An error has occurred. You’ll now be returned to the title screen. We apologize for the inconvenience. Error Code: 010100 or 026001 or 001001”


Troubleshooting and Fixing Pokemon Sleep App Error Code 010100, 026001 or 001001

Since these bugs can take the fun out of the Pokemon Sleep game, there are several things you can do to hopefully get rid of them in no time:


Switch to a Different IP 

For your information, Pokemon Sleep isn’t available in all parts of the globe. If you live in a country or area where the game is unavailable, it’s only normal to encounter these error codes. Once this happens, the best thing to do is to switch your IP address with a Game Optimizer app or a VPN. 

Change Your Connection 

Pokemon Sleep will only run and function normally if you’re using a strong and reliable internet connection. You can pretty much expect that the game will crush if you’re on poor and weak cellular data or WiFi.

If you no longer want to be bothered by error codes 010100, 026001, and 001001, try logging in and out of Pokemon Sleep and use several different connections. Hopefully, you will be able to find the best and strongest connection you need to play the game. 

Uninstall Pokemon Sleep Beta 

The actual causes of error codes 010100, 026001, and 001001 remain unknown but it’s likely to occur if you took part in the open beta test of the game and forgot to uninstall its beta version. 

You can’t use the app’s beta version after the end of the beta testing period. You have to delete the beta version first so you can use Pokemon Sleep’s public version. 

Restart Your Device 

Another simple but effective way to fix Pokemon Sleep error codes 010100, 026001, and 001001 is to simply restart the device where you’re playing the game. These error codes often show up because of your device itself. 

Close the app first and turn off your device to reboot it. Turn on your device again after several seconds and check if it fixed the issue. 

Use Plus+ Sleep Mode to Troubleshoot


You can also use the Plus+ Sleep Mode feature to troubleshoot your Pokemon Sleep app. This was specifically designed to improve your experience with the game and fix most issues related to it. 

Uninstall and Reinstall Pokemon Sleep App

As mentioned earlier, make sure that you uninstall the beta version of Pokemon Sleep. After you’ve finished uninstalling it, you can re-download and re-install it from the app store. Doing so will ensure that you get the app’s latest version. 

With all the fun and excitement that Pokemon Sleep has to offer, the last thing you want to happen is to encounter annoying error codes like 010100, 026001, and 001001. Be sure to follow the different solutions above and say goodbye to these glitches once and for all.

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