How to Fix PS4 Console Error Code CE‑30001‑4, CE‑30001‑5 or CE‑30001‑6

Despite their incredible designs, today’s gaming consolers still encounter some hiccups now and then. Sadly, error codes are quite common with Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4), and many gamers are shaking their head in frustration because of them. 

The truth is that errors are quite common while playing and there’s nothing wrong with them. The only concern is when you can’t get them fixed in no time. While you can always get in touch with the customer support team, this is a tedious and lengthy process, and worse, you might not even get the help you need. 

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Error codes CE‑30001‑4, CE‑30001‑5, and CE‑30001‑6 are three of the errors that PS4 players have been complaining about. These three error codes have different causes and respective messages. For instance, CE‑30001‑4 means the operation is not permitted. Meanwhile, CE‑30001‑5 means no such directory or file. Finally, CE‑30001‑6 indicates no such process. 

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Error Code CE‑30001‑4 on Sony PS4 Console

The error code CE‑30001‑4 on PS4 means that an error occurred with the application. Here’s what to do to eliminate the issue:

  1. Choose the application from the home screen. 
  2. Press on the Options button.
  3. Close and restart the application. 
  4. Reboot your PS4 console. 
  5. There might be a temporary problem with the server if the issue persists. Just try again after several minutes or hours. 

Troubleshoot and Fixing Sony PlayStation 4 Error Codes CE‑30001‑5 and CE‑30001‑6

Unfortunately, there are no specific steps provided for fixing error codes CE‑30001‑5 and CE‑30001‑6 on Sony PlayStation 4 console. But worry not because you can always try some general troubleshooting steps to say goodbye to these error codes. 

  • Restart your PS4. Most of you might find it a bit rudimentary but many users usually forget the simplest fixes when they see an error code for the first time that puts them into panic mode. Rebooting your PS4 is often one of the easiest fixes for most errors, including CE‑30001‑5 and CE‑30001‑6.
  • Check and confirm if the server is down. Every two months or so, the PlayStation Network or PSN undergoes maintenance. If you suddenly get error codes out of nowhere, go to the PSN status page to check if they weren’t due to the servers being down. if the servers are indeed under maintenance, wait for 8 to 12 hours until the maintenance is over. 
  • Power cycle your PS4 console. It’s yet another old trick in the book for fixing most error codes. A power cycle is almost like a restart but is naturally more effective and drastic. To do it, switch off your console then plug out the power cord from the outlet. Press the power button and check if it will light up. Once it does, continue holding it until the light is turned off. Wait for 1 to 2 minutes and turn on your PS4 again to check if the error codes are gone. 

Wrapping It Up

Error codes CE‑30001‑4, CE‑30001‑5, and CE‑30001‑6 on your PlayStation 4 can be a serious nuisance. Thankfully, there are things you can do to ensure that they will be gone so you can go back to your fun gaming experience right away.

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