How to Fix PS5 Error Code CE-105799-1 or CE-117740-0 Server Connection Issues

Booting up your shiny new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console only to be greeted by an obscure error code is incredibly frustrating. But don’t worry, this guide will help explain what PS5 error codes CE-105799-1 and CE-117740-0 mean and walk you through potential fixes to get your console working again.

What Does Error Code CE-105799-1 Mean on Sony PlayStation 5 Device?

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Seeing the error code CE-105799-1 appear on your Sony PS5 likely indicates an issue with your internet connection that is preventing proper communication between your console and PSN servers.

Some potential causes include:

  • Unstable internet connection – This could be due to distance from your wireless router, interference from other devices, or an unreliable ISP. Try moving your PS5 closer to the router or plugging directly into the router via ethernet.
  • Network congestion – Heavy usage on your home network from streaming, downloads, etc. can sometimes interfere with online gaming and PSN connections. Pause any bandwidth-heavy activities and see if that helps.
  • Outdated network equipment – Old routers and modems may have connectivity problems. Check for firmware updates or upgrade to newer hardware.
  • PSN server issues – Though rare, problems on Sony’s end can prevent logging in. Check the PSN status page to see if there are any reported issues.
  • Account ban or suspension – If your PSN account has been banned or suspended, you will be unable to connect and play online. You can appeal bans through Sony support.

What is PS5 Console Error Code CE-117740-0 and How to Fix it?


The cryptic CE-117740-0 error indicates a problem with a game or application on your PS5 console. Some troubleshooting steps include:

  • Update the software – Go to Settings > System > System Software Update to download the latest PS5 firmware. Game and app updates can be checked in the respective game/app menus.
  • Restart the PS5 – Fully power down the console and unplug for 30 seconds. Then reboot and try launching the app again. This can clear any corrupted data.
  • Delete and reinstall the app – Go to Settings > Storage > Games and Apps. Delete the problematic app then reinstall a fresh copy from the PS Store.
  • Initialize PS5 – As a last resort, you can choose to initialize PS5 which will wipe the system back to factory settings. Backup any saves you want to keep first.
  • Check for hardware issues – If the error persists across multiple games/apps, your PS5 console itself may have a hardware problem covered by warranty. Contact Sony support.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips for PS5 Errors

Here are some other things to try when encountering any error on your PlayStation 5:

  • Make sure your PS5 firmware is fully up to date. Check Settings > System > System Software Update.
  • Restart your wireless router and modem. Leave them unplugged for 60 seconds before reconnecting.
  • Test your internet speeds on PS5. Go to Settings > Network > Test Internet Connection.
  • Try using a wired internet connection instead of wireless to rule out any wifi issues.
  • Double check PlayStation Network status at to see if services are down.
  • For game issues, check the game developer’s website/forums for any known bugs and fixes.
  • As a last resort, initialize your PS5 to factory reset everything. Back up saves first!

When to Contact Sony PlayStation Support


If you have tried the troubleshooting tips above and are still encountering PS5 errors like CE-105799-1 or CE-117740-0, it may be time to seek help from the experts. Sony’s PlayStation Support team can be contacted via:

  • Live chat on their support site
  • Phone – 1-800-345-7669
  • Twitter – @AskPlaystation
  • Fix & Replace – Sony can repair or replace your PS5 if under warranty

Keep your receipt and purchase date handy. Sony will work with you to diagnose the issue and take next steps to get your PS5 operational again.

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