How to Fix Steam App Error Code 50, 105, 118 or 3 on Windows PC

If you’re an avid gamer, you’ve probably encountered Steam, the popular gaming platform that brings thousands of games right to your fingertips. But as with any software, you may encounter occasional hiccups. One frustrating hiccup is encountering Steam app error codes like 50, 105, 118, or 3 on Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Worry no more because, in this article, we’ll break down these Steam app errors on Windows computers and show you how to fix them in easy-to-understand steps.

What Are These Common Steam App Errors?


Before we dive into the fixes, let’s briefly understand what these error codes mean:

  • Error Code 50 – This error usually indicates a problem with your internet connection or the Steam server’s inability to establish a connection. It can also be caused by an overzealous antivirus or firewall.
  • Error Code 105 – Error 105 typically points to a DNS resolution issue. In simpler terms, your computer is struggling to find Steam’s servers. Error message for this glitch might say “Error Code: -105 Unable to connect to server. Server may be offline or you may not be connected to the internet.”
  • Error Code 118 – This error means Steam is unable to connect to the server. It could be due to a server issue on Steam’s side, network problems, or even a problematic third-party application.
  • Error Code 3 – Error 3 is an authentication error. It often appears when there’s a problem with your login credentials or Steam Guard settings.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Steam App Error Codes 50, 105, 118, or 3 on Windows 10 or 11 PC


Now that we know what these Windows PC errors on the Steam game app signify, let’s tackle each one step by step.

For Error Code 50:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection: Make sure your internet connection is stable. Restart your router if necessary.
  2. Disable Firewalls and Antivirus: Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus software. Sometimes, they can block Steam’s connection.
  3. Restart Steam: Exit Steam completely and restart it. Sometimes, a simple restart can solve the problem.

For Error Code 105:

  • Flush DNS Cache: Open the Command Prompt (search for “cmd” in the Start menu), type “ipconfig /flushdns,” and press Enter. This clears your DNS cache, which might resolve the issue.
  • Change DNS Servers: Go to your network settings and switch to a different DNS server, like Google’s ( and This can help with DNS resolution problems.

For Error Code 118:

  • Check Steam Status: Sometimes, the issue might be on Steam’s end. Check Steam’s status page ( to see if there are any server problems.
  • Disable Third-party Software: Disable any third-party software or applications that might interfere with Steam’s connection, such as VPNs or proxy servers.

For Error Code 3:

  • Reset Password: If you suspect an issue with your login credentials, try resetting your password through the Steam website.
  • Verify Steam Guard: Ensure that Steam Guard is enabled and correctly configured. This adds an extra layer of security to your account.
  • Clear Browser Cache: If you’re using the Steam website to log in, clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Steam error codes 50, 105, 118, or 3 can be frustrating, but they are usually solvable with a few simple steps. By following the guidelines outlined in this article, you should be able to get back to gaming in no time. Remember, patience and persistence are your best allies when dealing with these technical hiccups. Happy gaming!

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