How to Fix Street Fighter 6 Game Sound Not Working, Audio Cutting Out while Playing

Hey there, fellow Street Fighter enthusiast! Ready to level up your gaming experience? Nothing’s more frustrating than diving into an epic battle only to have your Street Fighter 6 audio misbehaving, with sounds cutting out left and right. But fret not because I’ve got your back! We’re here to squash those audio bugs and get you back into the action in no time!

How to Troubleshoot and Fix Street Fighter 6 Game Sound Cutting Out while Playing


First things first, let’s address the sound cutting-out issue. The root of this problem can be a combination of software and hardware glitches but fear not. We’ve got some quick and easy steps to troubleshoot it:

  1. Check Your Audio Settings – Head to the game’s settings menu and ensure the audio options are correctly configured. Make sure the volume settings are neither too low nor muted.
  1. Verify System Audio Settings – It’s worth confirming that your computer or console’s audio settings are properly set. Check the volume level, audio output, and make sure no other applications are hogging the audio resources.
  1. Update Your Audio Drivers – Outdated or corrupted audio drivers can wreak havoc on your gaming experience. Visit the manufacturer’s website for your sound card or motherboard and download the latest drivers.
  1. Adjust In-Game Audio Format – Some players have reported that changing the in-game audio format can resolve audio issues. Experiment with different formats until you find one that works best for you.
  1. Verify Game Files Integrity – If you’re playing on a PC, through platforms like Steam, verify the integrity of the game files. Corrupted files can cause all sorts of issues, including audio glitches.
  1. Disable Third-Party Software – Some background applications, like voice chat software or screen recorders, can interfere with the game’s audio. Temporarily disable them to see if the problem persists.
  1. Check Your Headset/Speakers – Ensure that your headphones or speakers are correctly plugged in, not damaged, and set as the default audio output device.
  1. Restart Everything may sound cliché, but sometimes a simple restart can work wonders. Reboot your computer or console and relaunch the game to see if the audio issue persists.

Fixing Issues if your Street Fighter 6 Audio is Not Working at All

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Now, let’s tackle the problem of audio not working at all. That can be a real buzzkill, but with a few tweaks, you’ll be back in the ring in no time:

  1. Reconnect Audio Devices – If you’re using external audio devices, such as headphones or USB speakers, unplug and reconnect them to ensure they’re properly connected.
  1. Check In-Game and System Volume – Verify that the in-game audio settings and system volume are both turned up to an audible level.
  1. Try Different Audio Ports – For PC gamers, if you’re using traditional audio jacks, try different ports on your computer for your audio devices.
  1. Examine Audio Cables -If you’re using wired headphones or speakers, inspect the audio cables for any damage or lose connections.
  1. Test Audio on Other Applications – Check whether audio works on other applications or games. If not, the issue might be broader than just Street Fighter 6.
  1. Console-Specific Troubleshooting – If you’re on a console, consult the manufacturer’s support website for specific troubleshooting steps related to audio issues.
  1. Reinstall the Game – Try uninstalling and reinstalling Street Fighter 6 as a last resort. Sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve lingering audio problems.

Remember, the gaming community is a vast and helpful one. Don’t hesitate to visit online forums or communities dedicated to Street Fighter. Chances are, other players have encountered similar audio issues and might have additional tips or workarounds.

With these tips and steps in your arsenal, you’re all set to tackle any audio gremlins that might come your way while playing Street Fighter.

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