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How to Fix Ticketmaster App Login Not Working Issue on Android Phone or iPhone

Have you ever found yourself staring, slack-jawed, at your phone as the Ticketmaster app refuses to let you in again? You enter the correct email. You type in the proper password. But those digital gates remain locked, blocking your access on iPhone or Android device.

We’ve all been there.


Logging in should take seconds, yet errors turn it into a battle. Don’t worry – you can override the mobile app glitches! This step-by-step guide covers simple home remedies all the way to last resort measures.

How to Troubleshoot Account Problems and Fix Ticketmaster App Login Not Working Issue on Android Phone or iPhone

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Connection Issues Start the Ruckus

The leading culprit behind Ticketmaster fumbles? Bad internet.

Tick tock. The login timer runs while your phone endlessly tries connecting. Just a weak signal can muck things up. Testing with other apps usually reveals the root issue.

  • Switch between wifi and cellular data. Jumping networks resurrects a dead one.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode briefly. This forces a fresh, strong connection.
  • Move to a location with better bars and speed. If possible, get closer to your router.

A few connection tweaks typically get Ticketmaster cooperating again.

Force Quitting Clears Out Clutter

Like an overstuffed closet, apps collect temporary junk over time. Login errors happen if older processes clash with updated code.

Force quitting clears out this digital clutter for a smooth restart.

On iPhones:

  • Double tap the home button to see open apps.
  • Swipe up on Ticketmaster’s preview to force close it.

On Androids:

  • Open the app manager in settings.
  • Select Ticketmaster.
  • Choose force stop.

Give Ticketmaster a minute to restart before trying to log in again.

Update or Reinstall for Latest Fixes

Developers constantly patch bugs in app updates. But Ticketmaster can’t take advantage of repairs if it’s outdated!

Updating also checks that all critical files are intact on your phone. Damaged data easily blocks logins.

Don’t see an update alert? Uninstall and redownload Ticketmaster for guaranteed fresh files. Back up data first if prompted.

Staying current with the latest releases prevents most tech hiccups.

Wipe Out Old App Caches

Like cobwebs in an attic, caches accumulate outdated login tokens over time. Ticketmaster chokes finding the right access keys amidst the old ones.

Thankfully, deleting this temporary data is as easy as dusting!

On iPhones:

  • Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage
  • Select Ticketmaster.
  • Tap Delete App to clear caches.

On Androids:

  • Go to Settings > Storage or Apps
  • Select Ticketmaster > Storage > Clear Cache/Data

Give Ticketmaster a clean foundation to store fresh login credentials without old conflicts.

Reset Passwords Through Email Recovery

Uh oh…too many login attempts and now Ticketmaster wants proof you own the account! What if you forgot the password?!

Don’t panic. The recovery email lets you securely reset access no matter how locked out you seem.

On the login screen, select “Forgot password?” and enter the address linked to your account. Follow the reset instructions in the email confirmation to make a new password.

Easy as that, you’ll have new keys to enter Ticketmaster!

Call In the Ticketmaster Troubleshooting Cavalry

Still no luck getting your account to cooperate? Bring in the app experts themselves!

Ticketmaster offers 24/7 technical support through:

  • Online ticketing
  • Direct messaging on Twitter
  • Phone call

Their troubleshooters can access behind-the-scenes solutions when typical consumer advice fails. Give them a holler before losing all hope!

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