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How to Fix Vitality App Not Working, Keeps Crashing or Closing Upon Login Issue

In a world full of uncertainties, the last thing you want is to be caught in the middle without any insurance to back you up. Vitality is one of the names you can trust and count on if you want to insure your wellness and care for your life. 

Thankfully, the Vitality app makes managing your fitness lifestyle and self-care regiments along with your health insurance needs easier than ever. Sadly, the iOS or Android mobile app is not without any issues. Some users have been complaining that the app doesn’t work on their mobile device and freezes, crashes and closes upon login.

How to Troubleshoot Issue and Fix Vitality Mobile App Not Working, Keeps Crashing or Closing Upon Login

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What should you do if you encounter these issues and you won’t be able to access your Vitality app and sync your exercise activities? Here are a few fixes that you can try to get the app up and running all over again.

Check the Server Status of the Vitality App

If you’re encountering some crashes and issues when using the Vitality app, you might want to check its server status first. There are times when the app servers are down, which causes it to stop working or crash every time you log in.

Clear Vitality App Cache

Another method you can try to solve the issues with your Vitality app is to clear its cache. To do this, you just have to go to the Settings menu. Look for the Apps option, search for the Vitality app, and then tap Clear Cache. Launch the app again and see if it now works as expected. 


Restart your Device

Your device itself might be the reason why your Vitality app doesn’t work or crashes upon logging in. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an iOS or Android device, you might face issues with running the app. 

You might want to restart your device before you open the app again. A quick restart can help clear all saved data from the current session. 

Switch Between Mobile Data and WiFi 

An unstable internet connection might also prevent your Vitality app from working properly. One of the first things you should do is check your internet connection and ensure that it’s stable and strong enough. 

Take note that several things might cause your network signal to weaken, including big walls between your wireless router and device or interference from other equipment and devices at home. 

Try to alternate between mobile data and WiFi to check if the problem with the Vitality app has something to do with your internet connection. If you notice any difference in your experience, make sure you contact your internet service provider for further assistance. 

To check your internet speed, you should try to switch your mobile data on and off or check your router if you’re using WiFi. Switch from WiFi to mobile network or vice versa.

Close and Open Vitality App Again 

There are times when the simple act of closing your Vitality app and opening it again can help resolve the issue of it not working or crashing upon login.

Update your Mobile Device

Your Vitality app might not function properly if your mobile phone has outdated systems. Check if there are available updates and download them right away. Once the update is finished, try to launch the Vitality app again.

If your Vitality app doesn’t work or crashes upon login, don’t lose hope just yet. The simple fixes above may help you get back to monitoring your insurance needs in no time at all.

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