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How to Fix Your Account is Not Authorized to Play Halo Infinite Error Message

The Halo series by 343 Industries has been constantly getting new additions, one of which is none other than Halo Infinite. 

With its limited availability on just a selected few platforms, including the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One console, and Windows 10 or 11 computer, it’s no surprise that gamers are expecting and clamoring for a seamless gaming experience. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case since many users have been complaining about an error message that tells them that their account doesn’t have the authorization to play. Full error says “Attention – Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite.”


How to Troubleshoot Authorization Issue and Fix Your Account is Not Authorized to Play Halo Infinite Error Message

If it sounds exactly like your problem right now, here are several solutions that you might want to try:

Update Your Xbox Support Password 

Start by changing your Xbox support password. Proceed to the profile page for Halo Insider. Log into your account with the same login details you use to access the game. 

Proceed to the Xbox support page. Log into the website and from there, you can update your login password. Set a new password as a replacement for your current one. Restart your device and try to log into Halo Infinite again. You might also want to check if there are changes to your account for the game. 

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Reboot your Xbox Console Device or Windows PC

Restarting your device is another method you can try if you see an error that tells you that you aren’t authorized to play Halo Infinite. If you’re using an Xbox console, simply press the button labeled Xbox at the center of the controller. This will prompt the tab for the Power Center. Choose Restart console and select Restart. 

If you’re using Windows, click Start, and from the options, choose Power. Select Restart and click OK. Rebooting the gaming device you’re using will help you fix the issue that causes the error message. 

Switch to VPN Server Connection


Another potential solution for most error codes is to use a reliable and trusted VPN service. The best VPN service will give you unlimited bandwidth and lessen the ping to improve your connectivity. Your data will also be kept secured within an encrypted tunnel to ensure that ISP throttles won’t slow down or affect your connection. 

Confirm the Credibility of Your Halo Infinite Account

Just so you know, not all Halo Infinite accounts have a beta access authorization. It means that issues may pop up if you log into the wrong account. So make sure that you only use the correct authorized account every time you try to access Halo Infinite. 

Report the Problem

When everything else doesn’t work, your last resort is to raise your concern to the customer support team through the Halo Waypoint support page. More than anyone else, these people can fix the issue for you on their end. 

There is also the possibility that your account is banned which prevents you access to the game during the ban period. In this case, talking directly to the customer service team will help you understand the situation better. 

Wrapping It Up

The next time you get the “Your Account is Not Authorized to Play” error, try the few fixes above to see if one of them will help resolve the issue for you.

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