How to Fix Zoom App Can’t Connect to Your Service with Error Code 104101

Learning and communication have become easier than ever thanks to Zoom. However, despite being good at what it does, there are still many problems that pop up now and then. One of the common complaints among Zoom users is the error code 104101 which often comes with the message “Can’t connect to our service, please check your network connection and try again.”


If you’ve ever encountered this error, it’s easy to get frustrated and annoyed, especially if you have an important meeting to attend. Worry no more because there are some things you can do to fix the issue once and for all.

How to Troubleshoot Issue and Fix Zoom App Can’t Connect to Your Service with Error Code 104101


Include in Your Trusted Sites List

You might not realize it but yes, you can fix this seemingly complex problem if you mark Zoom app as a secure and trusted website in your internet settings. To do this, navigate to Internet Options. Look for the Security tab and then select Trusted Sites. Click the Sites button. Type in in the Add this website to the zone and apply the necessary changes. 

You can also set auto-detect in the proxy settings. Proceed to Internet options, tap the Connections tab, click LAN settings, and then Auto-detect network settings. 

Check Network Settings and Devices

Before you panic about this error, you have to check first if your router or modem is indeed working as expected. If you can’t remember the last time you unplugged the device, now may be the best time to remove the power cable. 

While you’re at it, make sure no other devices interfere with your router. If there are hindrances or blockages, remove them from the area right away. You might also consider an upgrade if your router is an old model. 

You can also try switching to a cable connection if you’re noticing some bandwidth issues. If it’s not possible, navigate to the router settings to allow a new WiFi channel. Ensure that you’re not located in a WiFi dead zone. Disconnect the rest of the devices using the same connection. 

Proceed with Firewall Setting Configuration 

Windows Firewall may sometimes block some apps’ access to the internet once it detects that they pose a danger to the system. To ensure that Zoom functions smoothly, don’t forget to configure your PC’s Windows Firewall settings and remove any block on the Zoom app. 

Switch Off Antivirus Settings

While it’s perfectly recommended to enable and activate your security software all the time, there are instances when the protection tool may interfere with apps and prevent them from functioning properly. 

This might be the reason why you’re experiencing an error code when using Zoom. Your antivirus may block some of the features of the app, resulting in an error message.

To confirm this, you can try disabling your antivirus tool to check if something changes. You’ll know right away that the software is at fault if your Zoom connection goes through. 

Once your Zoom session is over, you can choose to whitelist the app to avoid any interference with the security software. Updating the software is also recommended. Ensure that using the latest version won’t flag safe programs such as Zoom. 

Zoom meetings have almost become a normal way of life for many individuals and businesses right now. Following the tips above can help you eliminate the error code 104101.

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