How to Fix Nvidia GeForce Now Error Code 0x00f2232b or 0x000001f9 on PC

Today’s gaming streaming category continues to get stronger by the day. With Nvidia GeForce Now, gamers get to enjoy high-end gaming PC hardware that directly streams games to your TV, mobile device, or lower-end Windows PC device. 

After being updated to the highest level of membership, Nvidia GeForce Now is a truly one-of-a-kind service that offers some of the best performances and graphics you can get. All of these make you feel as if you’re using local hardware. 


However, this will only be the case if the conditions are at their best. However, just like any other online-based game streaming service out there, your gaming experience will go downhill in a snap once your connection dips. Users are complaining about hardware compatibility issue with error codes 0x00f2232B and 0x000001F9 on PC.

The error message that hit your screen might look like these:

“The game quit unexpectedly. Try playing it again. Error Code: 0x00f2232B” or “You’ve tried to play too many games in a short period of time. Please wait a few minutes and try again. Error Code: 0x000001f9”


How to Troubleshoot and Fix Nvidia GeForce Now Error Code 0x00f2232B or 0x000001F9 on Windows PC

Here are some of the steps that you can do to fix the issue if you’re seeing Nvidia GeForce Now error code 0x00f2232b or 0x000001f9 on your Windows computer.

Ensure a Stable Connection 

Before anything else, make sure that you have a stable internet connection that meets all the recommended requirements for the seamless use of Nvidia GeForce Now. 

Update Graphics Drivers 

You might also want to try to update your graphics drivers to the newest version to make sure that it is compatible with the platform. Keeping your graphics drivers updated is always important to enjoy the most efficient performance every time you play games. 

In case you don’t know it yet, the graphics driver has a critical role in your gaming experience. If you haven’t recently updated your GPU drivers, it might be time to download and install the newest ones. Once you’ve finished updating your graphics drivers, reboot your computer and check if the error code is gone. 

Reset Graphics Settings to Default 

If the error code persists even after you updated the graphics driver, you can also try to reset the graphics settings to default. You can do this using the Nvidia GeForce Now app. Doing so will ensure that the settings don’t cause any issues with the platform. 

Restart the App or Device

You can also try to restart the app or the specific device you use to connect to Nvidia GeForce Now. One of the oldest troubleshooting tricks in the book is restarting an app when it misbehaves. 

So before trying other complicated fixes, try to shut down the app first. if you like to be completely sure that you have ended all the relevant processes, you can also restart your device or double-check the Task Manager. 

Check Server Status 

There are instances when error code 0x00f2232b or 0x000001f9 on Nvidia GeForce Now is the result of server-related issues. If none of the solutions above worked for you, you might want to check the official status page of Nvidia GeForce Now. You can also reach out to their customer support team for additional assistance. 

The initial step when you troubleshoot any error is to ensure that the issue isn’t because of the server itself. If this is the case, you can’t do anything to get rid of the error code and just wait for GeForce Now to fix it on their end. 

The Bottom Line

Use the tips above to troubleshoot Nvidia GeForce Now error code 0x00f2232b or 0x000001f9 so you can return to enjoying your games to the fullest on the platform.

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