How to Hide, Leave or Remove Yourself from a Private Story on Snapchat

Snapchat’s private stories allow sharing with a chosen few, but preferences change. If you’re in a story video you’d prefer to exit or rid yourself from it, Snapchat lets you leave discreetly, without people knowing you did. This feature respects your privacy and doesn’t notify others of your departure.

What Are Private Snapchat Stories?

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Private Snapchat stories are a personal space within the app where you can share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, but only with people you’ve chosen. They’re designed for moments you want to share with your close friends or family, not everyone who follows you. It’s like having a conversation in a quiet room where only invited guests can enter.

Public stories are the ones you broadcast to all your friends or, depending on your privacy settings, to the entire Snapchat community. They’re more like speaking through a megaphone in a crowded room where anyone who passes by can hear what you’re saying. The key difference lies in who can see your story—private stories offer a level of control and intimacy that public stories do not.

Sometimes, you might find yourself added to a private story you’d rather not be a part of. Maybe your interests have changed, or you’re no longer in touch with the person who added you. Snapchat respects your decision to leave, allowing you to remove yourself from a private story video without notifying the creator. This ensures your feed stays relevant and comfortable for you.

How to Check if You’ve Been Added to Someone’s Snapchat Private Story

Opening Snapchat starts with a tap on the app, which brings you to the camera screen. From there, a swipe right will take you to the Stories section. This is where you’ll find a mix of stories from friends, celebrities, and any other public stories you might follow.

To spot a private story, look for the padlock icon next to a story’s name. This icon is a clear indicator that the story is private. If you see this next to a story, it means you’re one of the select viewers the creator has chosen to share their story with.

Steps to Leave or Remove Yourself from a Shared Private Story on Snapchat

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To start the process of removing yourself from a private story, press and hold the story’s icon. This action will bring up a menu with various options. It’s a simple gesture: just press your finger against the screen and hold it there for a moment.

Within this menu, you’ll find “Story Settings,” which you should tap. This is where Snapchat allows you to customize your experience with the story. Think of it as a control panel for your viewing preferences.

Here, you’ll see the option to “Leave Private Story.” Once you tap this, Snapchat will ask you to confirm your choice. It’s a safeguard to make sure you don’t leave a story accidentally. Confirming this action is the final step in removing yourself from the story.

Managing Your Own Private Story

Keeping track of who can see your private story is straightforward. Simply go to your story’s settings, and you’ll see a list of friends you’ve chosen to share with. This list is your audience, the people who have access to the content you post there.

If you decide to update this list, adding new friends is just a few taps away. You can search for friends by name and add them directly to your story. This way, you can share your moments with more people whenever you choose.

Removing someone is just as easy. If you feel the need to change who can view your story, you can remove individuals by unchecking them from the list. They won’t be notified, which keeps the change discreet and drama-free.

Wrapping It Up

Snapchat stories can be a blast, offering a unique way to share life’s moments with friends and family. Yet, sometimes you might prefer to step back from the spotlight and enjoy the show from the sidelines. Thankfully, Snapchat understands this, providing a simple way to opt out of a story, ensuring your social space is just as you like it.

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