How to Turn Off or Disable @Everyone Tag Batch Mentions on Facebook Groups and Messenger

Tags are almost a way of life for Facebook users. After all, who wouldn’t want to be tagged with their photos captured by someone else during special moments? 

Unfortunately, not all Facebook tags are welcome. If you’re a Facebook user, you probably know how annoying it can get if the admin of the groups or chats you belong to starts tagging others using the @everyone tag batch mentions. This can also happen for group chats (GC) on Facebook Messenger that you’re in.

Aside from the mere nuisance, you might not even appreciate these tags if they are related to posts that don’t even interest you in the first place. 

If you happen to be one of those people who can’t stand seeing these @everyone tags, the good news is that you can turn off this feature. Now, that’s such a relief! 

What is the @Everyone Tag Batch Mentions Feature on Facebook?


Facebook launched a new feature that was meant to be helpful for its users. However, while it was indeed a big help for some, others find it annoying, even more so for those who suffer from notification anxiety. 

The Everyone “@everyone” tag batch mentions on Facebook Groups and Messenger allow the members of a group to send special notifications to everyone with no need for them to do so individually. The feature was first introduced to the platform back in March 2022.

Now, this is indeed a useful feature if you wish to call out all members of the group, particularly for important or urgent messages. It’s also a big help for the administrators and moderators of the group if they need to make some announcements. 

But the only downside here is that some users abuse the feature, tagging everyone even on less-pressing announcements and messages. As a result, some users end up suffering from notification anxiety. 

Why Turn Off or Disable Everyone Batch Notification Tag?

The @everyone tag batch mentions on Facebook Groups and Messenger is quite popular since it makes it easier for admins to disseminate details about important events or news. It also allows admins to begin discussions where all the members can participate. 

But some admins end up abusing the feature. Others use it to send out and distribute unsolicited notifications that can become disruptive or completely spammy if you do it all too often. 

Turning off or disabling this tag batch mention is also a great way to regain control of your notifications, and avoid getting spam messages from overzealous group admins. You don’t have to worry because you will still receive notifications of personal tags so you don’t have to miss out on important conversations. 

How to Stop, Disable & Remove the Annoying Everyone Tag Batch Notifications on Facebook Messenger and Groups

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Facebook stated that users won’t receive any notification if they have already muted the group. However, for those who cannot just mute group chats, your next best option is to disable the tag itself. 

Just remember that once you disable the feature, you will no longer be able to tag everyone in your group chats. Although it is still unsure if this is also applicable in Facebook groups, here are steps you can follow to turn off or disable @everyone tag batch mentions on group chat:

  1. Proceed to the Menu option on the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the Settings icon. 
  3. Select Profile Settings.
  4. Choose Notification Settings.
  5. Continue scrolling, look for, and select Tags. 
  6. Switch off the option “Batch @everyone mentions.”

Facebook tags are fine, that is until they become an annoyance. The steps above will help you say goodbye to these frustrating tags.

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