How to Use Google Chat Message Quoting Feature on Personal or Free Gmail Accounts

Google Chat has become a crucial tool for communication, particularly in the era of remote work. It’s a platform that allows for instant connection, collaboration, and conversation. Now, Google Chat is taking a step further by introducing a new feature: message quoting. This feature is set to revolutionize how we communicate by adding more clarity and context to our conversations.

Why the Need for Message Quoting Exists


In any chat system, it’s easy for messages to get lost in the shuffle, leading to confusion and miscommunication. This is especially true when multiple conversations happen simultaneously or when responding to an older message. That’s where message quoting comes in.

By allowing users to quote a specific message in their response, Google Chat ensures that the context of the conversation is preserved. This means no more guessing games about which message a response is referring to. It’s a simple solution to a common problem, making our digital conversations more efficient and less confusing.

Reasons you need message quoting

  • It helps maintain the context of a conversation.
  • It reduces the chances of miscommunication.
  • It allows for more organized and structured conversations.
  • It makes referencing previous messages easier.
  • It enhances the overall user experience on Google Chat.

How to Enable and Use Message Quoting in Google Chat for Free or Personal Gmail Account

Quoting a message in Google Chat is a breeze. Simply hover over the message you want to quote, click on ‘Quote in reply,’ and type your response. Once you hit send, your quoted message will appear above your response, clearly showing what you’re replying to.

But that’s not all. Each quoted message also comes with a hyperlink that takes you back to the original message in the conversation. This means you can easily trace back the flow of the conversation, adding another layer of clarity to your chats.


Additional Features to Enhance Your Google Chat Experience

Google Chat isn’t stopping at message quoting. It’s also introducing the Smart Compose feature, which uses Google’s AI to provide contextually relevant suggestions as you type your message. This means less time spent typing and more time spent communicating.

Google Chat is also rolling out rich text formatting to all users. You can highlight key points with bold or italic text, create structured lists, and even change font colors. These features make your messages more visually appealing and make important information stand out.

Google Chat vs Other Chat Services

While other chat services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Discord have similar features, Google Chat sets itself apart with its AI-powered Smart Reply feature. This feature provides users with contextually relevant responses, making communication faster and more efficient.

Google Chat’s integration with other Google Workspace tools gives it an edge over its competitors. It’s not just a standalone chat service but a part of a larger ecosystem of productivity tools, making it a one-stop solution for all your communication and collaboration needs.

Google Chat’s new message quoting feature is a game-changer, making digital communication more efficient and less prone to misunderstandings. Coupled with other features like Smart Compose and rich text formatting, Google Chat is shaping up to be a powerful tool for both personal and professional communication. If you’re not using Google Chat’s new message quoting feature, you’re stuck in the dark ages.

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